Помогите срочно решите по Энглишу! Прям срочно при срочно!! 1. Завершите предложения, поставив глаголы в правильную форму. 1. I..... (buy) a new flat, if I ……(have) more money. 2. If the weather……(be) nice, we …..(play) football. 3. If you…..(be) more serious about your homework, you….(finish) it in time. 4. If I ……(live) in the country, I…..(have) a horse. 5. You ……(not visit) dentist if you …….(not eat) sweets. 6. If my brother ……(finish) homework on time, he…….(go) for a walk. 2.Заполните необходимые слова из коробки. must, should, need 1 You ______get a visa 2 We ______pack too many clothes 3 He _______buy a ticket 4 You ______check the weather 3. Используйте правильную форму каждого слова, чтобы заполнить пробелы: fit, match, suit, wear, try, go 1. A: How about those trousers? They __________ you perfectly. B: Yes, but they're too casual for the occasion. 2. A: What about the red shirt? It __________ your trousers. B: You are right! I haven't ___________ it for ages. 3. A: This dress is great. Why don't you __________ it on? B: The colour doesn't _________ me. 4. A: What do you think of this shirt? B: It doesn't __________with the trousers. 5. A: What about these two colours? Do you think they __________? B: Sure! 6. A: That coat really ___________ Bill. B: I don’t think so!

Ответ:1)I will buy a new flat, if I have more money2)If the weather was nice, we played football3)If you was more serious about your homework, you finished it in time4)If i was live in the country, i haved horse5)You not visited dentist if you not eaten sweets6)If my brother finished homework on time, he go for a walkОбъяснение:1 )you must get a visa2)We need pack too many clothes3)He should buy a ticket4)You must check the weather

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