Describe how you do your shopping. I like/hate doing shopping. I shop (exclusively) online/offline because it's . .. (cheap, easy, convenient, better choice, fun etc). I do my weekly shopping on . . . (Sunday). My favourite stores are . . . I do my food shopping at... I usually buy . . . there. I have / don't have a passion for buying clothes. I spend a lot of money on . . . I (often) buy . . . To save time and/or money I stick to a routine: . .. (make a shopping list, check the supermarket catalogue, buy goods in the sale, collect coupons, use a discount card etc).

I like shopping. I shop online because it is really convenient and fast. I do my weekly shopping on Friday. My favouritr stores are Mango and Asos. I do my food shopping each day at 3 pm. I usuallu buy what I want there. Honestly, I have a passion for bying clothes. I spend a lot of money on jackets and shirts. I often buy wonderful accessories. To save time I stick to a routine: make a list and check a shop catalogue.

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