Ex. I Use the Past Simple Tense. 1. They (to go) to the theatre last Sunday. 2. His father (to build) this house 4 years ago. 3. Kate (to buy) a new nice dress for her graduation ceremony yesterday. 4. My brother's firiends (to play) football and (to win) the match last month. 5. It (to rain) heavily, so we (to stay) at home. 6. He (to be) 16 when his father (to teach) him to drive.

Ответ:1.Went 2.built 3.bought 4.Played, won 5.Rained, stayed 6.Was 7.Taught.Объяснение:Honestly,you have to learn irregular verbs,they're literally easy.After learning that,you consider that you have accomplished The Past Simple.Good luck!

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