ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА 15. There were many ...in the park a) men b) woman 16 How many... participated in World Championship? c) mans a) cityes b) citiies 17.- What are they doing here? - They a) wait 18. Listen! Somebody ...the piano. a) is playing b) are playing c) plays 19. We ...students a) is b) are c) am 20) - How... he? - He ...OK. a) are, is b) is, is 21) I study at college. I ... a teacher a) am b) are c) am not 22)- We haven't seen Helen today. ... - No, she isn't a) She is at home. b) Is she at home? c) She is not at home 23) He has a family. ... family is big. a) their b) my c) his 24) This pen is not hers. It is ... a) him b) hers c) his 25) They live in ... house. a) those b) these c) that c) cities ... for him. b) are waiting c) is waiting c) is, are


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