Test 20. Present perfect (2) раскрыть скобки 50 баллов

Test 20. Present perfect (2) раскрыть скобки 50

1. She has never went abroad in her life.2. I have never seen him since I graduated from the university.3. She has visited her grandparents.4. We have already learnt the new words today.5. My mother has just cooked breakfast.6. Have you seen any English films lately?7. We have not managed to get the tickets for the match time.8. My children has gone to the stadium lately.9. Harry has just answered to the teacher's questions.10. The Russian sportsmen have been abroad many times before.11. I have read books by Mark Twain in English before.12. I have known Timmy for a long time.13. Carol has already studied two foreign languanges, French and German.14. How long have you had your car?15. He has been to Canberra once.16. Ted has lived in Australia for one year.17. My mother is ill. I have just called the doctor.18. I have already posted the letter.19. She has just gone to the hairdresser's.20. The students have studied Mathematics for 3 years.

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