1. Choose the right words in brackets to complete the sentences. 1. The yellow car is (my/mine), the red car is (he/his). 2. Is it Sue’s collection? — No, it is not (her/hers) 3. Bill knows your address, but Iren doesn't know (their/theirs). 4. We live in this city. It is (our/ours) city. 5. They are (my/mine) pets. 2. Use which or who to complete the questions. 1. …can dance well? Olga can. 2. …of them is never late for classes? — Tom is. 3. …of the boys likes boxing?—Ben does. 3. Complete the disjunctive questions. 1. It likes bananas, …? 2. He can speak Englisn, …? 3. They aren`t in the street,…? 4. They gave her a book, …? 5. Sam has got a computer, …? 4. Complete the sentences using the verbs in the right forms. 1) She (like) coffee. 2) We often (visit) Finland. 3) His son (not, spend) his holidays in the country. 4) They (write) a dictation yesterday. 5. Choose the right words in brackets to complete the sentences. 1. My granny often (goes/comes) to church on Sundays. 2. Where are you (going/coming)? — To the souvenir shop. 3. We (went/came) up to the castle late at night. 4. Sarah wants (to go/to come) to New York. 6. Complete the sentences with say/says or tell/tells. 1. My granny always …me to be good at school. 2. Parents often…their children to go to bed early 3.Old people…us many useful things. 4. My friend often … me what he wants to do.

mine,his,hers.theirs,our, my.2.who,which,which. 3 .doesn't it,can't he,are they,don't they,hasn't he.4.likes,visit,won't spend,wrote.5.goes,going,came up,to go 6.says,say,tell,tells.Можете отметить ответ как лучшее?!

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