1)To ____ people still smoke. A. many B. much C. a lot of 2)She comes from ____ Netherlands. A. the B. - C. a 3)Mathematics ____ too difficult for me. A. is B. are C. - 4)The keys are in __________. A. my pocket in the suit B. the pocket of my suit C. my suit's pocket 5)Parents always tell ineresting ____ about their children. A. storyes B. stories C. storys 6)Pam works four times ____ week. A. a B. in a C. of the 7)John stayed at home last night and listened to _____ radio. A. - B. the C. a 8)Do you have ____ friends? A. much B. many C. a lot of 9)____ moon moves slowly round ____ Earth. A. The ... the B. This ... the C. - ... the 10)Jack has got a lot of ____ his girlfriendon the wall. A. photos B. photoes C. photo

1) A. many2) A. the3) A. is4) B. the pocket of my suit5) B. stories6) A. a7) B. the8) B. many9) A. The ... the10) A. photos

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