A. Why are you looking out of the window?B. I think there's _____ in the house opposite.2. A. Are you going _____ this summer?B. We haven't decided yet. 3. A. I'm so bored. There isn't ______ to do in this town!B That's not true. There are lots of things to do. 4. A. I phoned your office at 2.00 today, but _______ answered.B. Sorry. We were all at lunch.5. A. Where did you go last night?B .I didn't go _______ . I was too tired. I stayed in.6. A.____ told me that their new album is very good.7. B. Really? I don't know _____ who likes it. 8. A. Did you buy _____ this afternoon?B. No, I found _____ that I liked.9. Have you read ______ on this topic?10. A. Where are the keys?B They're ____ in the kitchen.:)​

1 something interesting2 anywhere3 anything4 nobody5 anywhere6 everybody7 anybody8 anything, nothing9 anything10 somewhereВ следующий раз,когда просишь помочь с английским, пиши конкретно задание.

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